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Meet and even exceed expectations by ensuring 100% conforming product delivered on time, the principal metrics by which a customer judges the QA performance of your company, but you do not have to do all the final inspection yourself. You don’t even need your own CMM. We work with many firms who are looking to bid for new contracts with customers who require a solid paperwork trail that only modern hardware and software can provide.


Every manufacturing company eventually faces a particularly difficult inspection task at a time when CMM capacity is at a premium. Yes, it can be done but at what cost to the regular production schedule? This is where Mitutoyo can help. We have vastly experienced and talented in-house measurement specialists running the most advanced measuring equipment to be found anywhere, and they stand ready to step in and offer their skills, expertise and high-grade inspection capacity to get you through. This service is particularly valuable for firms in the process of bidding for new contracts that require specialised measurement equipment that is not available in-house at the time.

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Equipment and Environment

Mitutoyo ISO-accredited measurement laboratories operate advanced CMMs and VMMs for general purpose measurement plus specialised equipment such as Roundness, Contour, Surface Finish and Hardness testers that are all maintained and calibrated to the highest standards and operate in a stable 20˚C environment.


As the world’s leading vertically integrated metrology vendor, Mitutoyo has in-house measurement capabilities second to none and the name itself is your assurance that measurements made on your behalf will be accepted by any of your customers.

  • Highly accurate ongoing inspection with verifiable paper trail.
  • Extra inspection capacity when you need it.
  • Fast first-off verification.
  • Offline capability.
  • Traceability of measurements back to international standards.


Andrew Fifield
Measurement Services Manager
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Nigel Peace
Asst Services Manager
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Mitutoyo is the world’s leading manufacturer of precision measuring equipment, offering a huge range of products from micrometers, calipers and dial gauges to hardness testers, vision measuring systems and 3D coordinate measuring machines from sales offices in more than 40 countries, supported by aftersales representation in more than 100.

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