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Our experienced measurement specialists are well used to satisfying the demands of fast-paced inspection departments and offer their advice and expertise in a helpful and positive manner while seamlessly fitting in with your team’s working practices.


Sometimes an inspection issue just cannot be addressed over the phone or by email. It has to be looked at by a fresh pair of eyes and evaluated by an experienced mind to find the most efficient solution. Mitutoyo is very well aware of this and maintains an On-Site Team of highly experienced measurement specialists. They are prepared to travel to your production site and offer you the benefit of their many years of experience.

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Mitutoyo’s measurement specialists are based at our Coventry and Halifax sites from where they travel to your site to provide expert advice and practical expertise when required.


Our specialists recognise that it is a privilege to be allowed knowledge of a customer’s operations and therefore offer complete confidentiality. They may offer your staff advice based on experience gained by helping solve a similar issue at another company but you will never be told which one, and by the same token details of your company and practices will never be divulged to any third party.

  • Advice and expertise freely offered by highly experienced measurement specialists.
  • Staff are trained to work seamlessly with your working practices.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed.


Andrew Fifield
Measurement Services Manager
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Nigel Peace
Asst Services Manager
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